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 Rediscover Your Passion for Teaching   while Basking in the Beauty of Mexico 

JULY 29, 2024 - AUGUST 3, 2024
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You’ve landed here because something inside of you is whispering

(or maybe even shouting) for a change.

These bars, this next verse though... poop-di-whoop whoop poop whoopity poop poop poopity whoop whoop-di-poop scoopity whoop poop poopity poop scoop poopity 

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We see you.

We honor your dedication.

Twinke twinkle little star

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Welcome To

THRIVE Retreat

Welcome to the vibrant world of teaching, where each day unfolds a new chapter of discovery and learning. In crafting the perfect haven for our dedicated

educators, let's weave a tapestry of words that mirrors the essence of our shared journey.


Imagine this as the introduction to our teacher's website, a place brimming with inspiration, resources, and guidance for the heroes shaping future generations.

Here, amidst the buzz of curious minds and the rustle of turning pages, we embark together on an extraordinary voyage.


A voyage not just through the syllabus, but through the boundless realms of imagination and knowledge. This is where creativity meets curiosity, where learning knows no bounds, and where every day is a new opportunity to inspire and be inspired.

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As you waltz, skip, or bunny hop through our website, may you find the laughter, resources, and sense of community you need to continue enlightening young minds.


In this fantastically fun faculty lounge, you're more than just a teacher—you're a bringer of joy, a shaper of futures, and, most importantly, a cherished member of the silliest symphony in education. Welcome, dear educators. Let's make every day a reason to smile.

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Package Rates

Starting at $10,000 (All-Inclusive)
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July 30 - August 4, 2024

6 days, 5 nights
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What Awaits You

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5 Night Stay (All-Inclusive)

Toe Jam

Peanut Butter & Jelly


Danger ZOne

Transformational Teacher Workshops

Farewell Dinnner




Starting at $5200 (All-Inclusive)
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Starting at $4700 (All-Inclusive)
Canvas Jute

Retreat Packages



Starting at $4300 (All-Inclusive)


Starting at $4000 (All-Inclusive)
If you're interested in purchasing the double occupancy room as a solo retreat attendee, we will match you with a roommate.

Payment Plans Available

Once your retreat application has been approved, you will receive a registration link to reserve your room with a $100 deposit. 

Your 1st payment after your deposit is received is due 14 days later.  Your remaining monthly payments must be paid in equal amounts, with final payment due June 30th.

Pay in full and receive a 4% discount.

Meet Your THRIVE Host

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Welcome to the Thrive Retreat, I'm Areulia Davis, your host and guide on this transformative journey. With over 30 years of experience in the educational field, my mission has always been to illuminate the path for school leaders and educators through the intricate world of education.

As a retired educator from the Chicago Public School system turned consultant, I've dedicated my career to understanding the depths of students' needs. I believe that educators hold the key to creating meaningful change, and it's with this belief that I've tailored my consultancy to empower schools.


Leveraging my expertise and data, I work alongside educational organizations and teachers, striving to foster enduring transformations that enrich both students' lives and school culture.

Join me at Thrive Retreat, where we'll explore not only the beauty of Tulum but also the depths of our potential to impact the educational world. Together, we'll rediscover our passion for teaching, recharge our spirits, and connect with like-minded educators, all while being enveloped in the serene beauty of nature.

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Getting Here

You have the option of flying into Cancun Airport (CUN) Or Tulum Airport (TQO). We recommend booking your flight as soon as possible to ensure a reasonable flight rate. We also recommend choosing and early flight arrival time (preferably no later than 3pm)
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Travel Restrictions

We're committed to ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants. In the event that unforeseen circumstances require us to postpone our retreat, rest assured that any payments made will be transferred towards a subsequent retreat date.
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